Thickener Hair

Thickener Hair

Hair Building Fibers

Hair Building Fibers are microscopic hair fibers that build upon your existing hair, creating a fuller and natural appearing head of hair. By simply shaking the hair building fibers onto the area of thinning hair, instant hair thickening results can be obtained in a matter of seconds!

The hair building fibers will continue to stick to your existing hair throughout the entire day they are applied. The hair building fibers are also completely undetectable and blend right in with your natural hair color. A wide variety of colored fiber options are available.

Hair building fibers are truly amazing and are taking the hair thickening industry by storm. If you have thinning hair, but perhaps aren’t to the point where you are considering a hair transplant (which is the only permanent solution to hair loss) hair building fibers are truly the next best thing.

Check out the frequently asked questions section of our website for a list of common questions associated with hair building fibers. We’re confident that once you have tried using hair building fibers once, you’ll understand what all the excitement is about!

Sure Thik Hair Thickening Fibers - Fuller looking hair in just 10 seconds